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What is a WRAP PARTY???

Wrap Party is when you open up your home to friends and let them experience the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap. Wrap parties are fun and easy and the hostess gets a FREE Body Wrap.

First step is you call, text, email, and tweet all your friends and family and make sure that they are ready to shrink!

Screen-Shot-444To start the Wrap Party welcome all your guest in, have them pay for their It Works! Ultimate Body Wrap – $30 , then send them back to the wrapping room right away. Be sure to provide lots of water! Guests will be wrapped at the beginning of the party so they can wear it for the full 45 minutes.  The most popular area to wrap is belly, but many love to wrap their arms and neck. The It Works! Body Wrap can be cut to target any specific area. The first thing you want to do is measure in 3 different spots at the site the person wants wrapped. Once everyone is wrapped, your party will begin.

Once everyone is wrapped, you can start your party.  Now is when your wrap party hostess will talk about how the wrap works, and educate your guests on It Works! anti-aging, detoxifying, healthy-living product line.
During this time, you want to drink LOTS of water, to ensure you get the very best results from your wrap.

Can I make money with my own Wrap Party?

Yes you can. Buy the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator wraps as a Distributor at wholesale then retail the it works products at your party.   If you are the host of the party, then you can get your It Works! wrap for free.   Your party will usually have between 6-10 people and you can earn $30 (wrap cost) X 10. That gives you $300 cash in your pocket.

Out of the 10 that come to your party you could possibly get 4 new loyal customers who will order each month from you. And the chances are highly possible that 1 of your guests will want to become a Distributor, so they can do their own wrap party business.   This will be the start of your new business. Now imagine if you hosted 4 wrap party events every month? Can you see the possibilities?

What Are the Hostess Benefits?

As a host, you will receive a free body wrap the night of the party.  For every 4 of your guests that sign up to be loyal customers, you will receive an additional FREE body wrap to use 72 hours later.

What is a Loyal Customer?

When you sign up as a Loyal Customer you save 20-50% off all your orders!  You commit to buying 1 product for 3 consecutive months.  After the 3rd consecutive month, you will receive the loyal customer price for life!

The benefits of becoming a loyal customer are:

  • Discounted pricing: 15 – 45% off all your orders!
  • Free membership to our online fitness and nutritional community.
  • Automated Monthly Shipments – never run out of your favorite products with our flexible auto-ship service.
  • Easy Customization – each month you have the flexibility to change your auto-ship to meet your needs. Mix and match to create a package with all the products you want per month.
  • Continue to Auto-ship and Redeem Customer Perks Points – your first order as a Loyal Customer onward, you automatically earn one 1 Perk Point for every $10 you spend (1 PP = $1). After your 4th consecutive monthly auto-ship order, you will have access to use your Perks Points. After 6 months on auto-ship, $50 of product credit will automatically be added to your account!  After 12 months on auto-ship, you receive $150 in free product credits!

Note:  A credit or debit card is required to be a loyal customer.  There are no minimum price or quantity restrictions per order. You must have at least one product in your monthly auto-ship order for three consecutive months. If you chose to cancel your Loyal Customer membership prior to completing the three-month auto-ship minimum, you will be charged a one-time $50.00 fee.

Tell me More about the Wrap Party.

Screen-Shot-2012-04-13-at-1.16.37-PM-300x171Average home party will last no more than an hour.  (depending on how many guests) You will spend the first 30 minutes wrapping the guest and talking about the products.   The last 30 minutes of your home party will be spent with a demonstration of the It Works Wrap, tasting the greens, and sampling more of It Works! products.

Once the hour is complete, you get to take off the It Works! Wraps and measure your guests.  Most guests will see immediate results. All of them will be toned, tightened and looking great. Also, you and your guests will have the option of ordering additional It Works! body wraps and/or any of our other amazing products!



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