It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator FAQs

It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator FAQs
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What’s this Crazy Wrap thing I keep hearing about?
It is called the Ultimate Body Applicator and is produced by It Works! Global. It is a first-to-market body wrap that is site specific. The Ultimate Body Applicator is designed to tighten, tone and firm your skin in as little as 45 minutes, with progressive results after 72 hours after removing the wrap.


Is it easy to wrap at home?
YES! Simply open the package, unfold the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator and place it on whichever body part you desire. Secure the Applicator and sit back and relax for 45 minutes! And don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Who Can use the wraps?
The It Works! Ultimate Body Applicators are intended for adult use only. Our products are safe and effective but we recommend that pregnant or nursing women do not use the Body Wraps. The facial Applicators however are completely safe for pregnant or nursing women. 

Is it a water loss treatment?
No. In fact, we highly encourage you to drink a lot of water. The Ultimate Body Applicator contains all-natural ingredients leaving your skin hydrated and toned. It also diminishes the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.

So is one wrap all I need?
The Ultimate Body Applicators are sold in a box of four, which is considered one treatment for one body part. It continues to work within your system for 72 hours after you remove the wrap. We recommend using one wrap every 3-4 days, and continue to stay well hydrated. After your desired results are achieved, move on to another body part.

How long do results from the wrap usually last?
Typical results last 2 to 6 months depending on your lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle including a nutritional diet and regular moderate exercise yields longer sustainable results.

Can men use the wrap?
Yes! Men and women both can use the wrap.

How many wraps can I use at one time?
We recommend targeting one area at a time with the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator. Use one wrap on that target area. If you are targeting your legs or arms, you may use one wrap on each leg/arm, or cut one wrap in half and apply each half to your arm/leg. The Facial Applicator can be used when targeting any other part of the body because they are formulated differently. The Facial Applicator tightens, tones and firms while giving the skin a lifting effect.

How often can I wrap?
Every 72 hours or 3 days.

Are the wraps re-usable?

No. Each individual It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator can be used only once.

What if I am on medication or have medical issues? How can I find out if they are okay for me to use?
If you have concerns about whether the It Works! products are right for you, we recommend you consult with your physician.

You can find the ingredients lists for any of our products by browsing through our Products section. Simply click on the product you are interested in, and then click on “View Ingredients” on that product’s page.



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